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Do not be frightened to look for info on: travel tips, medical covers and health specifications or restrictions, what to bring or not bring, travel advisory, vehicle and driver guide, feature on places to be discovered, and so on. Don't neglect your sense of adventure whenever on holiday and most significantly a holiday full of memories is a well-deserved adventure of a life time!

As you explore new territory, you do not want to call attention to yourself as a tourist, but you cannot travel out unprepared. Even if you feel confident you can rely on your cell phone for directions, standard phrases in the local language, and good quality pictures, you still should carry a map and your phrase-book just to be certain.

If you do get lost and decide to navigate your own way out of your trouble, pause long sufficient to make particular you and your map are oriented to north, south, east, and west. And keep in mind that, in many instances and many places, it's best just to take a cab returned to your hotel.

O Wear a helmet if hiring a motorcycle; head injuries can happen overseas also. While traveling by trains, especially overnight, secure your belongings and do not take sleeping pills. In some countries, groups of thieves operate on trains and take advantage of sleeping passengers.

O If, as a woman, you find you are the subject of unnecessary attention (e.g. hissing, muttering, pinching, obscene gestures, invasion of your private space), stay calm and do not strike back but remove yourself quickly from the scenario by taxi or other transport, or head for the nearest police officer.

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